Hatton and Barrera first posed with Bridges and then got into a fight


Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK. Legendary champions clashed in an exhibition fight – local hero Ricky Hatton had a solid fight with iconic Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera.

And before that, Ebany Bridges managed to take pictures with the legends and, of course, shared the pictures with her subscribers on social networks.

I wear I didn’t slap @HitmanHatton

Honestly tho HOW AMAZING does he look! Was saying he looks like @CampbellHatton brother now

Can’t wait for his fight tonight against one of my fav Mexican boxers Barrera #comeback #MentalHealth #HitmanHatton #HattonBarrera #Legend pic.twitter.com/YbYMHm9dfi

— Blonde Bomber (@EbanieBridges) November 12, 2022

I don’t often fan girl… BUT when you meet one of your all time fav Mexican boxers @barreratapia #fan girl #MarcoAntonioBarrera #Barrera #MexicanBoxing #Mexico #HattonBarerra pic.twitter.com/2X1lasOsYS

— Blonde Bomber (@EbanieBridges) November 12, 2022

Hatton unexpectedly aggressively (as for an exhibition fight) began to press. Forced Barrera to move backwards, shoot back with a jab. Marco Antonio defended himself brilliantly, didn’t miss anything dangerous. Interesting starting round.

Ricky is still active. Can he really survive all 8 rounds at this pace? Barrera tried to work in a left-handed stance. He looks very solid as a counter-puncher, he scored a beautiful counter-hook in the 4th round. Hatton is no longer as active, he has a solid mark on his right cheekbone.

Veterans are just fire! This is a real fight. It doesn’t feel like sparring at all. Cool! Barrera works aggressively to the body. Only in the 7th round it is clear that the veterans are boxing – the number of clinches has increased, both are a little tired. In the decisive round, Hatton looked better – he clearly had more strength left.

The winner will not be announced. He is not needed here. Excellent duel. Thanks Legends!

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160132-khetton-i-barrera-sperva-pozirovali-s-bridzhes-a-zatem-podralis.htm?rand=141343