Harrison rushed to hug Tszyu, but he countered – funny video


Techie from the USA and ex-world champion Tony Harrison (29-3-1, 21 KOs) arrived in Australia and took part in a press conference. Already on March 12 in Sydney (Australia), he will meet with local top contender Tim Tszyu (21-0, 15 KOs) – they will play for the vacant interim WBO title.

During the press conference, Harrison rushed to Tszyu and embraced him. It seemed that Tim was taken aback for a moment by such a loving opponent, but he caught himself in time – he gave him a good shot in the body.

The fighters exchanged moderately formidable messages.

Harrison stated that “Tszyu chose him at the right time. Yes, but this is the right time for me, but not for him.

Tszyu said in response that “Harrison’s chances are only at the start of the fight. After the 4th round, he will realize that he is in trouble. I will grab him by the neck and drag him into the open ocean. I will watch him sink. Yes, I will sink it. I’ll start with the opening round, completely deprive him of air. It’s long, but my sparring men are even longer. And he looks fragile. It looks like I can playfully snap it in half.”

Earlier, Harrison said that “the world will consider Tszyu a fraud”, because “he is promoted by money and a name.” Tim’s compatriot thinks about the same. He doesn’t bode well for Harrison.