Haney’s father trolled Lopez Sr. at the liquor store


Father and coach of the absolute lightweight champion (up to 61.2 kg) American Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) Bill Haney
participated in the next video of a news portal from the USA.

In the video, Bill is trying to find a hostile colleague and father of former undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez (17-1, 13 KOs) Teofimo Lopez Sr. in the distillery. The camps of the two fighters have long been in a state of conflict. Haney Sr. decided to hook the best coach of 2020 with his passion for drinking.

— [Билл Хэйни заходит в ликёро-водочный магазин] Hello. I’m looking for Teofimo Sr.

— [продавец] I think he’s in there somewhere [показывает на другой магазин].

— Okay, tell him that Bill Haney is looking for him. Good? I will go there and look for him there. Because he said some things, and now I’m looking for him.

[идёт в другой магазин] She said he had been here before.

[обращается к прохожему] Have you seen Teofimo Senior? I’m looking for him.

[обращается к Лопесу-старшему] Theo, you see, I don’t even need to be forced to come. I’m looking for you. [идёт в магазин] I told you that I won’t f*cking joke with you like you do. Next time, heed my call.

[заходит в магазин и обращается к продавцу] We’re looking for Teofimo Sr. Is he not here?

— No, not here.

— Okay, he’s not here. Now I will buy my Red Bull and go. But I’m still looking for you, Theo. Did he go there? No. I’m on your tail.

[Обращается к посетителю магазина] Have you seen Teofimo Senior?

— No, sir.

– Didn’t you see it today?

– Not.

– OK. [выходит из магазина] You’re trying to get away from us, Senior. She said he had been here before. We missed each other. He usually takes his drink and goes to the gym or does his laundry over there. I can tell, Theo, the walls are moving, mate.

— [репортёр] Should your fight take place in due time?

“Right now, Devin gave me certain instructions. Obviously, Lomachenko’s team is doing everything they can. Bob Arum, Top Rank, lawyers, also Devin’s lawyers are all doing a great job right now to put this fight together. At the same time, Teofimo Sr.’s dirty mouth thinks that I don’t have time for him, or that all the work is done. You know, I have a little time to come look for him.

Meanwhile, Davis advised Haney’s father to “get off” something and assured him that he was ready to fight.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160640-otets-kheyni-protrollil-lopesa-starshego-v-likyero-vodochnom-magazine.htm?rand=141343