“Haney is the best and I’m number two.” Kambosos hopes to fight Lomachenko


The former absolute champion of the light division (up to 61.2 kg) Australian George Kambosos Jr. (20-2, 10 KOs) had a conversation with a journalist from a news portal from the United States.

interview George talked about his current position after losing two in a row to the undisputed champion of the United States Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs), expressed a desire to fight against the former holder of three division titles Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) and hinted at the winner of the upcoming fight between Haney and Lomachenko.

I am looking forward to 2023. Because going 24 rounds with Haney is a lot. I will continue to work on certain things, I will continue to become a better fighter, a real warrior. When I fight against another high-class warrior, like Haney, like Lopez, like Selby, like Mickey Bay – these guys are former champions, champions, undisputed champions – I become a better fighter, I sharpen my swords. Unfortunately, fans who support boxing believe that after a defeat, it’s all over with a fighter. I didn’t lose to a passing guy — I lost to a fighter from the top 5 P4P. I learned a lot.

Haney is a very large lightweight. As Lomachenko said, he is a heavyweight. By the way, I am also looking forward to the fight with Lomachenko. I am very proud of the achievements in my career. I am very motivated and I have a hunger to keep achieving more. I know that I will be a two-time world champion.

Regarding Devin Haney, what are your thoughts on his fight against Lomachenko? Their fight could be in March or May, but what are your thoughts now after you’ve been through 24 rounds with Devin? Your prediction for how the fight will go without disrespecting Lomachenko.

— No, there is no disrespect for Lomachenko. Regardless of what happens in this fight and how it goes, I still want to face Lomachenko in the ring. It does not matter how old he will be and how he will look. This is the fight that was almost organized when I had all the titles. I would love to fight this fight in a big stadium here in Australia. He’s a big name here. I have a big name, he has a big name and obviously we can fill the stadium.

I believe Haney is too precise, too big, too big. His distance, his reach, his legs… he just keeps getting better and better. The second time I fought him, I looked better, I showed more, I tried different things, but he also got better. He became a sharper and more accurate fighter. And he still threw his good right hand. Caught me well a few times.

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I am looking forward to the future. Boxing is such a thing that you don’t know in advance. 61kg is a hot division and as I said, I am very proud that not only did I manage the division not so long ago, but that I am still there.

Sanctioning organizations can be manipulated. Money and everything. I’ve dealt with them. What cannot be manipulated is BoxRec. They have their own points system. You fight the best, you get points. I don’t know what will happen to Davis after his fight, but I’m still in 2nd place. Haney is number one and I am number two in the lower divisions.

– If Devin Haney beats Lomachenko and rises higher. Perhaps he will cross paths with you and with Teofimo Lopez. Where do you see Devin Haney in his career now at such a young age? The guy has 29 fights, and he is only 24 years old. When you see all the other fighters in the division, is Devin Haney the best at 61kg?

– He has all the belts. He beat the top, who beat the top, who beat the top. He is the best until proven otherwise. He is the top that I was when I had all the titles. He has the skills and is still very young. It has no development limit. I think he will get even bigger once he and Lomachenko have a duel.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/161817-kambosos-nadeetsya-na-boy-s-lomachenko.htm?rand=141343