Haney compared the acting skills of Cambosos and Garcia. It turned out beautiful


The absolute lightweight champion American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) admitted that on the eve of the fight with Australian George Kambosos Jr. (20-1, 10 KOs) he was very tired of press conferences and a talkative opponent.

The fight took place on June 5 in Melbourne (Australia), ended with a confident victory for the guest.

Remembers Haney: “Yes, I’m really tired of his constant overacting and of himself. After all, it was all bullshit. It smelled like a WWE show. I told him so: “Be yourself. Why are you trying to be someone else?” The same goes for the weigh-in incident. He was embarrassed, but continued to play his role, came up with a new story.

Kambosos claims that he shook the American several times during the fight. He does not agree: “It was not even close. The team and I learned it so well. We just dissected him.”

Haney is often asked about a possible fight with compatriot Ryan Garcia (22-0, 18 KOs).
Champion explains his position: This clown does the same thing all the time. Uses the names of other fighters to sell his fights. But he never fights with those he talks about. It’s all about reading between the lines.”

This clown uses other fighters to sell his fight… then fights no one! Read between the lines https://t.co/fwyIbNJJZb

— Devin Haney (@Realdevinhaney) June 8, 2022

According to Haney, the fight against Garcia does not interest him for another reason: “I do not deny that he is popular. But I made my choice. I choose heritage. I don’t care about millions of Instagram followers. I’m excited about the opportunity to make the coolest fights possible. To make those fights that will become the foundation of my legacy. I’m not fighting for followers on social media, I’m fighting for a place in history. I’m fighting to stay in the memory of the fans forever.”

In the same interview, he said that if not a rematch with Kambosos, then he wants to fight Lomachenko. Interestingly, in the updated “pound” from WMMAA, he threw the Ukrainian out of the top 10.

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