“Hands in glue, then in glass – and we fight to the end.” Fury offered to fight Joshua


The WBC heavyweight title holder (over 101.6 kg) British Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) gave
interview for the American journalist Radio Rahim.

Since the main British fight according to boxing rules is not organized in any way, in a conversation with a reporter, Fury offered the former unified champion from Britain Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) a fight according to special rules. The champion is not averse to fighting on bare fists, and even with glued pieces of glass on them. Naturally, Fury wants an appropriate fee for this.

– Recently, a conversation came up about bare-knuckle fighting. I know that gypsies have it even more traditional than boxing with gloves. Do you see yourself once in a fistfight?

“I would fight Joshua bare-knuckle if I had the right money. Given that we can’t do it like gentlemen, maybe we can do it in the bare-knuckle arena.

Are you currently challenging Joshua to a brutal fistfight?

“Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll dip our hands in glue, then dip in broken glass to make it stick.

— [смеётся]

Like in Kickboxer. And then we’ll fight like we used to in London. Exactly. No rounds. Until one says “good”.

“Sounds like a fight to the death.

“This is a terrible fight. It will be an awesome fight. There will be blood and guts everywhere. However, who will pay for it? Who will pay for this? Someone needs to make a call if they want this fight to happen. As I said, hands in glue, then in glass, and we fight to the end. Show us the money. Like in Jerry Maguire – show me the money!

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