Gvozdyk told why he does not communicate with Lomachenko – interview


Former world champion in light heavyweight (up to 79.4 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Gvozdyk
interview for the Tyke Maison YouTube channel, he answered the question about the reasons for the lack of communication with the former holder of three lightweight titles (up to 61.2 kg) Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs).

At first, Alexander rejected the possibility of theoretical work with Vasily’s father Anatoly Lomachenko, and later spoke in general terms about his current relationship with his former teammate, and when their paths parted.

— You know Anatoly Lomachenko well. And you know him as a coach. Hypothetically, would you like to do a full camp with him or not?

Hypothetically, no. Maybe someday, yes, but not now.

– And why? Is it something personal or professional?

– More personal. It seems to me, because we do not communicate with Vasya and Anatoly Nikolaevich.

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– As for Lomachenko. You were at the charity evening of Oleksandr Usyk. Vasily was also there. However, I know that you do not communicate. And when you cross paths at a joint event, do you at least say hello to him?

– Yes, we said hello. There are no problems. There are no problems, no hostile atmosphere. It’s just that at some point I began to feel that I was bringing discomfort to their team, and then it was almost said to me directly. So I figured maybe this relationship was past its expiration date. Yes, that’s all. There are really no problems.

– And you felt it when you were in the camp, or how was it?

– It happened a few years ago. Just somehow, I don’t know… I feel respect for this family, because in fact I learned a lot for myself, being next to them, but why would I bring discomfort. Last time I saw him, it was starting his camp against Commey. It was said to me almost directly, and I just said – well, goodbye. Yes, that’s all. There are no problems. What reasons? I have my own vision of the situation, and what Vasily has, you better ask him.

“Maybe someday I’ll do an interview. Let’s see. Do I understand correctly that there was no such violent clash, perhaps some kind of quarrel?

– No no no. There was no such thing. And there is no such thing.

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