“Good Ukrainian bacon and moonshine drink.” Blitz poll Usyk


Former absolute world heavyweight champion (up to 90.7 kg), current IBF / WBO / WBA heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) became a participant in a blitz poll for your YouTube channel

Oleksandr answered questions about Ukrainian cities, sights, sports events, captured by an armored personnel carrier, described the recipe for Ukrainian borscht. He also briefly expressed his associations to the words: family, friendship, home, victory, failure, obstacle, people, god, happiness, fear, good and evil.

– Who is depicted on the banknote of 20 hryvnias?

– Not Bogdan Khmelnitsky?

– No.

— Taras Grigoryevich?

– No.

– I know for sure that one hryvnia is worth Vladimir the Great. Then there was Skovoroda, Lesya Ukrainka, Taras Grigorievich. Taras Grigorievich on a hundred!

– Yes.

— [смеётся] Ivan Mazepa or what? Ivan Franko! At twenty Ivan Franko!

– Yes. Who is the monument to in Lviv near the Opera House?

– Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko.

– Yes.

There is also a hotel across from it.

Joshua thought after the rematch that Usyk was a racist

– Yes. How many stars are on the emblem of Kyiv Dynamo?

— Two.

What year did Shevchenko win the Ballon d’Or?

— 2005. 2004!

– Yes.

– Exactly, he still came and brought him to the Lobanovsky monument.

— What do Kharkov and Paris have in common?

– French people? [смеётся] Bridge? Eiffel Tower.

– Yes.

– Only in Kharkov it is small, and in Paris it is large.

– Yes. Where are the most famous socks of Ukraine from?

– This is Zhytomyr.

– Exactly. Where is the deepest subway in the world?

– I think it’s the Kiev metro. University, I think.

Well, on this thread. Where is Zinchenko playing now?

— Arsenal.

– Exactly.

– I’ll know now.

“No result.” Fury disappointed with progress on Usyk

— Where are the most delicious watermelons?

— Kherson.

– In which district of Kyiv did the boys squeeze out the armored personnel carrier?

– Damn, Obolon. There are still very beautiful areas, but the first “beter” was pressed on Obolon.

— Where was Kievan Rus baptized?

– According to my version – the Pochaina River. She starts.

– There are 192 steps near the sea, where is it?

— Odessa. Potemkin Stairs or whatever they call it?

– Yes. Recipe for borscht?

– Potatoes grown in their garden very well, a piglet grown very well, cabbage also from their garden, onions. What else is needed? Gas stations. It’s all to do. You can not add sour cream. Why? Because delicious borscht can be eaten without sour cream. But what is needed for a good recipe is to have good Ukrainian bacon and moonshine.

– Class. Is family for you?

– Main.

– Friendship?

– Real.

– House?

– Warmth, protection.

– Victory?

– Joy.

— Failure?

– Lesson.

“I would get into Putin’s head.” Interview with Oleksandr Usyk

— Obstacle?

– It’s okay, let’s go.

– People around you, the world around you?

— For me it is light, joy, smiles, mobility. I see it this way.

– God?

– The rescue.

– Happiness?

— Stability.

– Fear?

– There are different fears. There is fear that you fear and die. And there is – when you are afraid, but control this fear, and you are alive. Fear sometimes helps to escape. Fear sometimes helps to focus on something. And for the most part, fear kills, because people are afraid to take the first step towards their goal, and all their lives they cannot do this, because they have fear. He needs to learn to control it. He won’t disappear. Fear is one of the feelings of a person from childhood, from birth, because, it seems to me, this is the key formula for protecting you as a person in general. That is, fear – it protects. But I say that it is different. For me, fear is a step to prepare for something.

– Good?

Good is a great gift from heaven. Being kind and doing good is God’s grace.

– Evil?

Evil is sickness, evil is failure, evil is death.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/162661-ukrainskoe-salo-i-peysyatochka-samogonochki-opros-usika.htm?rand=141343