‘Good s*** slapping him’: Pros react to Dustin Poirier heckler at parade


Dustin Poirier got a few high-fives from fellow fighters after slapping down a heckler at a local parade.

In a video posted to Twitter via Art of War6, said heckler printed from Conor McGregor – and the name of his company – and flashed it at the former interim champ.

As soon as Poirier got a look at the message, part of the Irish star’s nasty turn during their trilogy, he visibly reacted. When the heckler reached out his arm for a high-five, Poirier slapped it away.

Here’s how fighters reacted to the heckler and Poirier’s move.

Poirier remains unbooked since his third-round submission of Michael Chandler at UFC 281, which put him back in the win column after a failed bid for the undisputed lightweight title against Charles Oliveira at UFC 281.

Poirier and his wife, Jolie, run the Good Fight Foundation, which raises money for charitable causes by auctioning his fight gear. Poirier’s eponymous hot sauce is one of several businesses in which he’s invested including a partnership on a local wine market in his native Lafayette, La.

Here is the full video of the slap.