‘Good for Iron Mike’: Fighters react to Mike Tyson’s plane beatdown


Rule No. 1 in life should generally be to not provoke Mike Tyson.

Unfortunately, one man on Wednesday night didn’t exactly follow that rule.

Video emerged Thursday via TMZ of the legendary boxing champion blasting a passenger with punches on a flight bound from San Fransisco to Florida. According to reports, Tyson was friendly with passengers until the man sitting behind him refused to stop bothering him. After reportedly asking the man to calm down — and that request being denied — Tyson exploded and delivered a barrage of punches before exiting the plane.

The bloodied passenger left the plane shortly afterward and was treated for medical attention before speaking to police. At the time of this writing, no charges have been filed in relation to the incident and Tyson has not been arrested.

Not surprisingly, the combat sports world had plenty to say about the entire situation. Check out reaction from fighters below.