Golovkin’s potential rival passed the unbeaten Italian without a shine


Aware Super Theatre, Sydney, Australia. Local middleweight (up to 72.6 kg) Michael Zerafa (31-4, 19 KOs), who recently announced the fight with the legendary Gennady Golovkin, passed the Italian without a shine
Danilo Creati (8-1, 1 KO).

The underdog tugged at the favorite in an amateurish way, marked himself with a couple of good protracted attacks, in which the lack of firepower was felt too much. Zerafa most often slowly pressed the opponent, often jabbed, relied on twos. In the 2nd round he hit cleanly, but the opponent confidently withstood the blow.

Creati tried to confuse the opponent by changing the stances. A controversial decision – combinational work disappeared, he was absurdly reaching for blows. In response, Zerafa tried to counter – he was also not impressed, as he smeared a lot. The Italian gave out nice fragments, but acted too passively. The Australian had been preparing attacks for a long time, lacking combinational work and more active pressing.

Creati successfully acted on Zerafa’s nerves: he smiled when he cut the air with his fists, rejoiced at his every successful action (even an accurate jab). Beautifully hit with a two in the last seconds of the 5th round, then repeated the trick in the next three minutes.

The underdog was tired by the 7th round, and his attempts to clinch ended in missed punches. Zerafa was more confident in the decisive rounds, but (to put it mildly) was not impressed.

Let’s see what the judges count and how many rounds they give to the underdog. A bit… 98-93, 99-91 and 98-92 in favor of the favorite.

Zerafa UD 10.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160505-potentsialnyy-sopernik-golovkina-bez-bleska-proshyel-nebitogo-italyantsa.htm?rand=141343