Golovkin: Canelo fights the best? Where are the fights with Beterbiev and Benavidez?”


September 17 T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (USA) will host the third face-to-face fight between Saul Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) from Mexico and Gennady Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) from Kazakhstan. Interestingly, the two previous fights took place here: in 2017, the fighters tied the fight, and 12 months later, the Mexican was a little better.

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On the eve of the fight, veteran Golovkin began
comment Canelo’s words: “He talks a lot. And I see that many fans do not understand him. He is trying to accuse me of something there, to push all the blame onto me. Looks like I didn’t say something right there. But everything I said is pure facts. And in general, I don’t talk about him at all. He’s just used to flattery. He likes being flattered. Is it bad? If they say it sincerely, then probably not. Then these words can be taken as a compliment.

“What did he call me? two-faced? smiles Golovkin. – No, I’m not like that. About that doping scandal. We remember everything. There was a verdict from the organization that conducts the checks. It is a fact. And we remember what happened next. He ran to court to disrupt our third face-to-face fight. That’s what happened. We had a clause on revenge, which he violated.

“Canelo says that unlike me, he fought the best of the best,” continues the veteran. – He fought in the super middle and light heavyweight divisions during this time, right? If so, then where are the fights with David Benavidez and Artur Beterbiev? His words are pure hypocrisy. He is lying. And it’s time for us to accept the fact that not everything he said is true. Honestly? I don’t want to talk about him anymore and comment on his words. Moreover, I don’t want to speak for him.”

“We saw everything,” reminds the Kazakhstani. – How he behaved at a press conference, how he raised his hand in an outright lost fight with Dmitry Bivol, because he believed that he would be given a victory. All this shows only one thing: the dude simply lost touch with reality. He lives in his own world.”

Golovkin and Canelo will fight for every super middleweight title. Their current owner is Alvarez – he won in November last year. The previous two fights between the antagonists took place in middleweight. Golovkin had never boxed before at 76.2 kg.

Earlier, the Kazakhstani spoke about the judges of the fights with Canelo, and the WBC showed a “drug-addicted” clawed belt for the fight. The Kazakhstani is sure that this time “it will come to a knockout.”