Golovkin, Bivol, Spence, Mayweather, The Rock, cage fight – Canelo responded to fans


The owner of four major titles in the super middleweight (up to 76.2 kg) Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 57-2-2, 39 KOs)
answered to fans’ questions and comments on their social networks exclusively for GQ Sports.

The main boxing star from Mexico told why he decided to fight for the third time with the unified middleweight champion (up to 72.6 kg) Kazakhstani Gennady Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs), spoke about the fights with the WBA light heavyweight “super champion” ( up to 79.4 kg) Russian Dmitry Bivol (20-0, 11 KOs), unified welterweight champion (up to 66.7 kg) American Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs), ex-champion in five categories American Floyd Mayweather and also answered other questions.

Why did you decide to fight Golovkin again?

“This is a fight that many people have been waiting for a long time. This is the third fight because the previous ones were very good. I think this is the perfect time to let people know who is the best. Our styles are made for big fights and this fight will be no different. That’s why I think we’re fighting for the third time.

Why do boxers keep getting paid more than MMA fighters?

– I think, in general, boxers do not earn the same (as MMA fighters). They don’t earn the same. Everyone earns differently. Well, yes, I think boxers earn more. I do not know why. I think in MMA there is only one promoter, one company that controls everything. I think that’s why. MMA fighters know why they get paid less.

– What is your favorite fight?

– I think against Golovkin. The two fights were completely different. In the first fight I boxed differently, in the second fight I went forward. I think there were two very good fights and they are my favourites.

Are you the best boxer in the history of Mexico?

– Mexico has a rich history of great fighters and it would be disrespectful to say that this is me. I’m not the one to say this. At the end of my career, I will be among the best, that’s for sure. But I cannot say that I am the best fighter in the history of Mexico.

– Would Floyd Mayweather beat Canelo Alvarez in his prime?

— I think it’s hard to say, because it will never happen. Well, I think at my peak he would never beat me.

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What advice can fans give you to beat Bivol in a rematch?

– Not. The truth is, there’s not much to say here. I lost the fight because I was tired. That was exactly the point. Weight, a lot of other things that happened… In the end I lost and I have to accept it. But I am a winner, and here I am – on the same path and with the same desire I move forward. I will have the opportunity to show you that I am better than him. He didn’t beat me because he’s better than me. I just didn’t give 100%. But it happens, and I lost.

– Why are you called not Saul Alvarez, but Canelo Alvarez? How did you get this nickname?

“Obviously it’s because of the color of the skin and the color of the hair. When I was 5 years old, my family called me “Canelito”. They called me “Chivo Canelo”. And when I started going to the gym with Chepo (Reynoso), he started calling me “Canelito”, apparently because of my hair color. That’s how I got the nickname “Canelito”.

Can Errol Spence beat Canelo Alvarez?

– I do not think so. He is a good fighter, no doubt about it. Spence is a great fighter, but beating me is another story. I don’t think he’ll ever be able to beat me.

Can Canelo beat Dwayne Johnson on the street?

“God… I don’t know. I don’t know if I can beat him or not. We’ll have to see, but I don’t think it will ever happen.

Why did Canelo Alvarez start boxing?

“I got addicted to boxing from my older brother when I saw his professional debut. Then my love for boxing was born. Then I said that I want to be a fighter. That’s how it started.

Why is Canelo so good at slipping punches?

– Well, I think it’s because of the practice in the gym. I think this is the key. Do this, repeat daily, and it will allow you to dodge punches. I always try to learn and practice what I have learned. Because of this, you perform well in battles. When you’re sparring in the ring, you can get hit because it’s practice. But in the end, there comes a time when you no longer miss a beat. So it’s all practice.

Can a fighter like Canelo Alvarez beat a UFC fighter?

– If a UFC fighter comes to boxing, then of course. It’s very easy to beat a UFC fighter. If you go into the cage, then it is obvious that they will beat you. Everyone will be better in their sport.

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— Now a comment from YouTube. I’m sure to this day Canelo is grateful for the Mayweather fight. Money showed him the art of defense and Canelo added that to his arsenal. Now he is the best fighter in the world.

“I definitely learned a lot from that fight. But if you look at my previous fights, I already moved my body a lot, avoiding punches. Of course, I learned a lot from the fight with Mayweather.

Have you evolved or changed your boxing style over the years?

— I think I always had the same style. But I have matured as a fighter and have shown more skills over time. Because of experience, maturity, confidence in the ring. I believe this is what got me to where I am now. But I’ve always been the same fighter.

Canelo as a coach prepare the next champion?

– Let’s hope. I get asked a lot about my son. I hope he becomes a champion in some sport. He wants to be a boxer. He’s still very young, but we’ll see. If he really likes it, he has to go through a lot to become a champion. I’m sure he can.

– How many cars do you have?

The truth is, I don’t even know. Well, let’s say around 20. But my favorite is Ferrari.

What is Canelo’s dream opponent?

“The truth is, I fought the best in the world. And it’s not that I dreamed of some kind of opponent. I’ve fought the best in the world and I’m satisfied with my career and the opponents I’ve had.

Canelo, I want to be like you. What can I do?

– First of all, you must have boxing talent. You need desire, you need discipline, you need to enjoy it. You need to love what you do. It is obvious. But you can do anything. After all, there is more than just boxing. Do what you have a talent for and what you enjoy. If you commit yourself 100% to it, if you are willing to make the sacrifices that are required, then you will go very far.

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