Glover Teixeira reveals stomach issues that plagued him just hours before Jiri Prochazka fight


Glover Teixeira was very excited to have a second opportunity against JiriProchazka at UFC 282 December.

While the fight between the two was widely regarded as the “Fight of the year”, Teixeira regrets a couple of mistakes that Prochazka made. He also cited the difficult travel arrangements with the Singapore bout that plagued him during the days leading up to the event.

Teixeira claims that the UFC 275 weigh-ins were scheduled on a different schedule to the routine fights at other events. Teixeira was unable to eat and drink for more than 24 hour before he entered the cage to defend the UFC lightweight heavyweight title.

“The weight cut was not hard,” Teixeira explained on Thursday. “The weight cut it was just the way they did it there, waiting around for six and a half hours. Later on, as soon as I started drinking, I started throwing up. I took a long time to eat again, and to recover .”


Teixeira promises he’s not making excuses for the loss, but there’s no way around the obvious issues he was facing, especially going into a 25-minute main event against somebody as dangerous as Prochazka.

“For sure, in a five-round fight, that makes a difference,” Teixeira said. “I’m not saying it would make for a different result. It could be the same but for sure, a five round fight, no doubt that will mess you up.”

Even with a win, Prochazka has stated numerous times that while he was happy with the result, he was still upset because he believed that was one of the worst performances of his career.

Teixeira isn’t so sure about that, but he anxiously awaits the chance to face the best Prochazka possible when they rematch in one month’s time.

” Let’s get in the next fight,” Teixeira stated. “That’s why we’re here to do it again. Because I don’t believe it. I don’t believe him. That’s why we’ll do it again. We’ll see.”

Teixeira stated that he is only one step away from defeating Prochazka.

“This fight, it’s just some adjustments that I have do,” he stated. “That fight went great the way I fight. I was finding the distance standing up, taking him to the ground, just a little adjustment I have to do on the ground. He was sliding too much. Maybe I was trying to force him into a submission and losing the position. Talk about little adjustments in my game and finish him at the right time.”

If there is one thing Teixeira wants to replicate from his first fight it will be his willingness to engage Prochazka on both the feet and the ground. Because he’ll do anything to get a knockout, or submit.

That might put Teixeira in some tough spots. Prochazka won the fight by turning the tables against him after a failed guillotine attempt. He will still seek out a submission or knockout in any exchange, regardless of the outcome. He knows only one way to fight.

“The guillotine was not a mistake,” Teixeira said. The mistake was that I didn’t see the possibility of choke and turned around. This was his mistake. He was slick about it and the choke sunk in. It was the fifth round and I didn’t have time to defend.

“That’s my style. From the very beginning, I always finish the fight. If I see the opening, I go for it. I don’t care what happens next. .”