Gilbert Burns won’t insist on callout of ‘liar’ Jorge Masvidal but it’s the fight ‘UFC wants’


Gilbert Burns spent the past few months campaigning for a fight with Jorge Masvidal, but it never materialized. Masvidal stating to MMA Fighting that he never offered it nor was it agreed upon his side, “Durinho,” calls him a “liar .”


Speaking on this week’s episode of MMA Fighting podcast Trocacao Franca, Burns said he was in direct contact with UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby, who apparently insisted on trying to make the fight on three separate dates between November and January. In the end, Burns will face Neil Magny at UFC 283 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“We wanted the Masvidal fight but then he kept stalling, and I said, ‘just give me anyone,'” Burns said. Geoff Neal called me and asked for the UFC’s permission to fight. They said no, but that they would make it. Sean Shelby insists on this. ‘We will make this fight, that’s the fight we want.’ … And then they said I would definitely fight in Rio. “If [Masvidal] does not want it, then we will find somebody else.” It was difficult to find an opponent until Neil Magny did .”


” I have no reason for lying,” he said. “The fight was offered to Nov. 12, and he asked for more time. They offered for Dec. 10 and he said ‘yes’ at first, but then told Sean Shelby he would fight me in Rio. That was the moment Sean Shelby said it to me. I thought, “bullsh*t!” I started planning my whole camp to fight this guy in Rio, and he backed out three weeks later.”

Masvidal indicated he’s open to facing the Brazilian in London, likely on the same card where Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman are expected to collide for the welterweight belt, but “Durinho” said he’s not obsessed with the idea of calling him out again.

“It is a fight that the UFC wants. I don’t even need to ask for this fight because I know the UFC wants to make it happen,” he said. I would request a rematch against Khamzat [Chimaev], and Colby [Covington].. Really, I’d ask everyone. But it’s a fight the UFC wants. It’s difficult to negotiate with him. But I can’t think past Neil Magny. I have to beat him up first and then see who I’ll ask for.

“If the UFC wants to do it, of course I’ll fight, but it’s not a fight I’ll keep chasing. He’s coming off three losses, No. 11 [in the ranking] or whatever. He isn’t at his most. While it’s nice to be able to draw some attention to his name and whatnot, that does not make me the champion .”


In terms of a match-up, Burns said Masvidal has more knockouts in his record but “cardio king” Magny can present more difficulties inside the octagon. Burns was defeated by Chimaev last time in an exciting three-round battle. Magny, however, tapped Daniel Rodriguez.

” If I apply pressure to Masvidal, he gets tired in the second round. Burns stated that Neil Magny does not get tired. “Everybody that underestimates [Magny] loses to him. He has 20 wins in the division, he just broke the record. Even though he’s not a top-5 guy, he’s a veteran. I kind of have the pressure over me. This fight must be won and I am training to do that.

“He asked me to fight in Brazil, so I’m asking him for it. He’ll get it. It won’t go unanswered. Your wish was granted. So brace yourselves because I am coming after you