Gilbert Burns demands Jorge Masvidal fight. ‘I’m able to sign the contract. No takedowns… I think I can knock him out.’


Coming off a “Fight of the Year” candidate in his previous outing, Gilbert Burns looks to add another before 2022 is over.

The former UFC welterweight champion already has a challenger in mind to be his opponent when he returns to action after a battle with Khamzat Chimiaev back in April. His next fight should give him five rounds.

“For me, what would make sense for me, is Jorge Masvidal,” Burns told MMA Fighting. The guy has won over 50 fights, as I have said repeatedly. Crazy knockouts. Remember the Ben Askren one, remember the Darren Till one. Nate Diaz was just defeated by this guy. That’s the fight that I want.

“He’s coming from two losses, but that’s to Kamaru Usman, the pound-for-pound champion, and Colby Covington, No. 1 [ranked welterweight]. That’s the fight that I want. It’s the fight that makes sense. That’s the one that’s going to get me going, motivate me, and I still believe I can beat the guy. Jorge Masvidal, that’s my next fight.

“He already showed a lot of interest in it, too. I think the UFC showed interest. That’s what I believe is next. We’ll see what time it is, but I believe we will put on quite the show. I’m going to try to beat him up, he’s going to try to do the same, it’s going to be a crazy one.”

Masvidal expressed interest in a possible matchup with Burns during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour , Masvidal, particularly after seeing the battle with Chimaev.

” I like the way that he fights,” Masvidal stated about Burns. He competes well. He is ready to give his .”


While Masvidal is currently on a three-fight skid, Burns still believes the two-time title challenger is an elite welterweight who can put on a show similar to his most recent fight, which afterward received almost universal praise.

” I’m not taking anything away from Colby’s loss,” Burns stated. “Those two guys are the highest-ranked guys in the division. He still has a lot of respect. I think he is a [bad motherf*****], and so am I. I have bad intentions coming to fight Masvidal, I think he has the same. I know he’s going to come for a finish. Why not?

“BMF Belt on the Line in Florida It’s likely that many people will tune in to see the fight. It’s got to be five rounds. I think it’s going to be a crazy one.”

After a March loss to Covington, Masvidal addressed his greatest weakness immediately: his inability to resist takedowns by his ex-teammate, an All American collegiate wrestler.

On paper, Burns could present a similar problem considering he’s a decorated Brazilian jiu-jitsu stylist. But he promises that’s not the fight he wants. Masvidal can sign a contract and he’ll even give up his wrestling skills.

” I can sign the contract — there are no takedowns,” Burns stated. “Let’s just do it. It’s something I look forward to. It’s a pleasure to put on a show. Another crazy fight and another crazy finish and I do believe I can strike with Jorge Masvidal.

“I have a lot respect for this guy. I think he’s very tough, he’s one of the BMF’s, over 50 fights, but I still believe I can knock him out.”

Despite coming up short against Chimaev in a close decision, Burns felt the adoration from fans and fellow fighters for his gladiator-like performance. He would love to experience that again, which is just another reason why he believes Masvidal is the perfect counterpart.

“To be honest, to be who I am, I want a little bit more juice I got from the last fight,” Burns said. Burns said, “I felt a lot of love from my fans. It is something I want to do. I told my coach a couple times, I want to fight like [Michael] Chandler, like Justin Gaethje, I want to fight like that. I love the way it was the last time.

“For sure, I want the win but I like the love and the support from the community. I want that back. I want to fight with Masvidal and I want to go to war with him. It’s not an easy fight for me. I felt both medicines. I felt holding down ‘Wonderboy’ [Stephen Thompson] and getting all the hate with the win and losing to Khamzat, having that war and getting all the love. That is what I long for. Jorge Masvidal is my enemy. He wants it, I want it, why not? Is it possible to bring them down from South Florida? It’s already sold out. All the Brazilians against the Cubans, it’s going to be a crazy one.”