GGG vs. Ryota Murata full fight video highlights


Watch Gennadiy Golovkin (GGG) vs. Ryota Murata full fight video highlights from their anticipated showdown Saturday morning, courtesy of DAZN.

GGG vs. Murata took place April 9 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. Gennadiy Golovkin (42-1-1) and Ryota Murata (16-3) collided in the main event. DAZN aired the fight live.

See more highlights video below.

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GGG vs MURATA: Round 1

GGG starting with the jab, landing it, too. Golovkin blocking right hands from Murata. Good left hook to the body from Murata, and then a right and another hook to the body. GGG again with the jab, mostly picking up Murata’s shots. However, Murata is also pressing and not just feeling it out. More good, stiff jabs from GGG. He throws the uppercut, but doesn’t manage it.

GGG 10-9

GGG vs MURATA: Round 2

Little left to the body from GGG right after the bell, set it up with the uppercut that was blocked. Murata down to the body now! And again, but that one strayed low. Murata admits that it was low. They touch their gloves, and continue on. GGG with the body shot again. Jab, uppercut, and a hook to the body. Murata is a right handed man who goes to the back of the body. Murata’s right hand is up. It’s heating up. Murata with another nice body shot. Murata, the man coming forward now. His uppercut hits and GGG seems a bit stuck in the water at the moment. Left hand Murata. Cuffing type of shot. Uppercut from GGG, left hook after. Murata to the body.

Murata 10-9, 19-19

GGG vs MURATA: Round 3

GGG starts fast and throws with both his hands to begin the round. Murata may have shaken just a bit, but now he’s standing his ground and throwing back to the body, putting the pressure back on. Couple right hands do back GGG down a bit. Murata DRILLING to the body. GGG is secured to the jaw by the left hook. GGG gets pushed back by Murata. Murata just showing no fear here, making his stand. Body shot from GGG, Murata fires right back at him. GGG fires a right and Murata returns with an uppercut. It’s getting REALLY interesting. GGG was impressed by another great Murata body shot. Murata continues to throw, despite Golovkin’s uppercut. More to the body from Murata.

Murata 10-9, 29-28

GGG vs MURATA: Round 4

GGG doesn’t seem to move as well anymore, so Murata is profiting. It’s also working. Murata is bullying him a bit. Walking him down. Do more bodywork. Chris Algieri doesn’t like GGG’s body language, and I don’t either. He is GGG so we’ll see, but he’s clearly being hurt to the body. Murata with another right. More to the body. Golovkin with a left hook. Uppercut misses. Right to the body from GGG. Murata continues to back GGG down. It’s just that he is slower. Murata has taken some good shots, but he has taken them. GGG with a right hand. GGG trying to pour it on a bit now. GGG lands a right after both throw hooks. A round I edge to GGG, but just barely.

GGG 10-9, 38-38

GGG vs MURATA: Round 5

Body shots from GGG. Murata is back with his own. It is an intense, hard-hitting fight. Murata with a good left to the body after a chopping right upstairs. Left hand up from Murata. GGG really trying to protect the body now. Golovkin left hook! Murata pushed back for the first time, really, and he’s pouring on some pressure of his own now! Getting rugged! Murata for the body. GGG, with some right upstairs in the final round.

GGG 10-9, 48-47

GGG vs MURATA: Round 6

Good, stiff jab again from GGG. Murata attempts to return to work. Murata goes again very low. It didn’t go square, and it wasn’t intentional. Right hand, Murata’s mouth piece flies out! Referee doesn’t really wait for a stop in the action there. GGG is building his confidence and doing some serious damage. Murata trying to battle back. GGG moving a little better now, doesn’t look quite so stiff. Still not what he used to be, and he’s not gonna be 2016 GGG again either. GGG with another good shot. Murata mostly missing this round and GGG just rips him with a couple jabs, finding the rhythm. GGG’s uppercut. Gennadiy’s dominant round.

GGG 10-9, 58-56

GGG vs MURATA: Round 7

GGG is starting to show signs of wear and discomfort on Murata. He has adjusted, loosenened up a bit, and now he’s doing some serious damage. The left hooks are landing and jabs are landing. Right hand around the guard. GGG pushing Murata around now, he’s the one doing the bullying. Murata is trying to take a stand, but GGG thinks he has taken Murata’s best and isn’t respecting it any more. Another left hook. Murata getting broken down now. GGG is done with the risky bodywork and has now taken control of the fight. Murata has a fair right but there’s another GGG here.

GGG 10-9, 68-65

GGG vs MURATA: Round 8

GGG hammering away. Murata is breaking down, trigger not getting pulled, not answering shots anymore. Golovkin has him on the ropes and he’s pushing him around. Right hands up top from GGG. Murata is swaying, but he’s not even trying to throw back. He’s done. Right hand back finally from Murata, but he’s gassed, he’s got very little left. Murata is trying again to make a stand and stop the GGG momentum. Now he is back in the game and Golovkin throws. Murata’s offense looks and feels desperate, but he is landing some shots and doing his best. Left hook from Golovkin. GGG misses a major right hand late.

GGG 10-9, 78-74

GGG vs MURATA: Round 9

GGG hurts Murata early and he’s going for it! Murata’s legs unstable, he’s hurt. GGG is looking for a win here. Murata trying to throw a right back, but doesn’t land. Another good shot from GGG. Murata felt that one again. A second one is on the other side. Murata eats another couple shots. Referee taking a look as GGG throws with Murata against the ropes once more. He is getting closer to the finish. Murata being hammered right now. He’s still here, and he comes back with a strong shot. GGG moves back. But then, BIG RIGHT and MURATA go down! TOWEL IN, IT’S OVER!