Get it first! Arnold Barbosa – about the claims of Teofimo Lopez


The undefeated American super lightweight (up to 63.5 kg) Arnold Barbosa (27-0, 10 KOs) told, after which he climbed the ex-world champion by a weight lower than Teofimo Lopez (17-1, 13 KOs).

At the beginning of the year, it was planned that Lopez would make his debut in 63.5 kg with a fight against Barbosa. However, in the end they never met, and Teofimo’s first divisional opponent was Pedro Campa, whom he stopped in August.

“He said in an interview that he was planning a warm-up fight with me in January. That’s when he said about the “warm-up”, I really lost my temper, – admits Barbosa. – He is a bastard that he wants to fight for all the titles right away, although in fact he hasn’t done shit in our division yet. Do you understand what I mean? I’ve worked all my life to get where I am in my division. It was disrespectful on his part, like a bluff in the face.

Arnold believes that without defeating an opponent like him, Lopez has nothing to look forward to in a title shot:

“He probably sees the fight with me as too risky for not enough reward. But everyone he wants to fight is not available right now. He talks about big names, but I’m at the top of the division too. In general, I don’t see any other acceptable option for him but to fight me.”

As you know, Teofimo is going to re-enter the ring in December – the alleged opponent was previously named.