“Get in your orkostan!” Oleksandr Usyk replied to the haters


Heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) in three prestigious versions Ukrainian Alexander Usik (20-0, 13 KOs) went to
live social network Instagram and turned to his haters.

Usyk responded to the nit-picking of haters about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the lack of comments on what is happening in Ukraine, which is defending itself from a Russian military invasion. Oleksandr expressed his civic position and gave a clear message to the Russians on the territory of Ukraine.

The day before, we published a strong part of this appeal: Usyk addressed the Russians: “You are the Third Reich in all its manifestations”

“Here I see in the comments that some people are angry. UOC, UOC … The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the church that was not created, but was baptized by Prince Vladimir in 988. It has nothing to do with Moscow or the ROC “It’s just that once, many years ago, our church was simply enslaved by another aggressive country, which took the church insolently, decided that they would save everyone, and we are all devils or someone else. That is, they are fighting. I speak for Russians and their state, they are all fighting the world. A holy war, but for some reason they came to a foreign democratic country and kill.”

“I also want to tell you. Who made a promise to protect the integrity of Ukraine when they handed over nuclear weapons? They didn’t fulfill the promise. How can you have any dialogues with you if you are balabols? If you are deceivers? You are specific liars who lie to the whole world. “You lie to the world and first of all you lie to your people. And you all live in this lie. So you like to live in this lie, you live in this lie. We do not want to live in a lie. We want to live, develop, so that our economy grows.” “We want to live, not exist, as you do. All the best.”

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“Send these flags there, write me some comments, say something else there, what a traitor I am. Recently, some holey fool said that I was a talented whore. Yes, I’m not talented. Not talented at all. My whole talent lies in the fact that I’m ditching From morning till night I just ditch I get up and ditch I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know where I’m going, I just do it, because I know that if I will do it, then everything will work out for me. Do not take away, do not take away, do not rob, but earn money. Also share.”

“I will finally speak out. I sat and endured so much, and thought that this should not be done, that it was necessary to remain silent. Such humility. Yes, I have humility, but only now I have spoken out, because it is true. said – this is the complete truth. The absolute truth. And here are the people who write to me, in particular the citizens of my country, that I betrayed there or I am silent about something. I betrayed only you for your reasons, but no one else. friends, business. So go to your orkostan! There is no need to protect anyone! We will protect ourselves!”

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“Of course, I also want to say. Supporting the president, your country, your army, your people does not mean that you have sold out. It means that you are a sensible person who loves his country once, supports his people twice. , we really vote, and we choose who will be our president – these are three. The fourth, we do not need your help, and the fifth – home, to our home! I know where you want to go, go where you want, Behind me is the flower of our freedom [показывает на флаг Украины]. This is our flag. This is the flag of Ukraine. The upper part is the sky, the lower part is the bread. Here we live with God. And we didn’t attack. Remember in what year Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, and what happened to him. You did the same. You attacked another country, you fucking defenders. Goodbye. All good. Thank God for everything and glory to Ukraine. Ukraine will win! She’s already winning.”

Source: https://vringe.com/news/161802-aleksandr-usik-otvetil-kheyteram.htm?rand=141343