Georges St-Pierre Appreciates Jon Jones’ Heavyweight Prospects

Georges St-Pierre Appreciates Jon Jones' Heavyweight Prospects

Former UFC two-weight champion Georges St-Pierre believes former UFC light heavyweight title holder Jon Jones’ debut in the heavyweight division will be more than successful.

“I saw him on the red carpet when I was being inducted into the UFC Hall of Famer – we took a photo, I put my arms around him and thought, ‘this dude is rock solid.’ He is very big,” said the legendary Canadian in an interview with MMA Fighting. “Jon Jones is powerful as a rock and looks very imposing”

“I think he has gained just the right amount and I am looking forward to his heavyweight fight. I’m a big Jon Jones fan and I love watching him fight. A lot of people say he hasn’t fought in a while and he really missed a lot, but this is Jon Jones. Don’t forget he’s Jon Jones. Probably the best fighter of all time. I think he will come back and be successful in his business.”

Jon Jones will reportedly make his heavyweight debut next March and could face reigning division champion Francis Ngannou or third-ranked Curtis Blaydes.