Gennady Golovkin: “I’m so sad for Canelo, he looked so terrible”


World middleweight champion Kazakhstani Gennady Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) was not happy about the defeat of his sworn Mexican rival Canelo Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) from Dmitry Bivol in May this year.

On the contrary, Golovkin argues that his feelings were of the opposite direction:

“I feel so sad for Canelo. He’s such a big boxing star and he looked so terrible.”

At the same time, Gennady does not draw any far-reaching conclusions from that failure of the Mexican, because “he is all 32 years old, and every fight is different. You just might get up on the wrong foot, you might just have a bad day.”

Recall that the next night Alvarez and Golovkin will hold the third match. At the same time, the last time they crossed paths in the ring was already 4 years ago.

Now Gennady is already 40 years old, but he assured that he feels great: “How do I feel? Like a 40 year old. I like my age, my experience. I like what I have now and how I feel. And I feel very comfortable.”

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