Garcia announced the fight with Davis – before the end of the year


American boxing observers unanimously claim that the top local lightweights Gervonta Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) and Ryan Garcia (22-0, 18 KOs) actually dream of a face-to-face fight – it’s just very difficult to organize it because of the conflict between TV channels and promoters.

Allegedly for this reason, Davis made it clear to everyone that he was dissatisfied with cooperation with Floyd Mayweather – on the eve of the mandatory defense with compatriot Rolando Romero (14-1, 12 KOs), he kept repeating that the upcoming fight was the last for him in the Mayweather Promotions.

And during the fight, Davis continually looked for Garcia in the ringside and even managed to chat with him a little.
Ryan tells: We didn’t talk. This came as a surprise to me. At some point, it even seemed to me that he was now missing some blow and would lose (Garcia even made a bet on Romero and lost a substantial amount). I looked at the “Tank” and shouted back to him: “Dude, focus on the fight!” He began to challenge me to a fight even before the starting gong. He kept shouting, “You’re next! You’re next.” Damn, dude! I don’t mind!”

Garcia may not mind, but he already has a signed contract for the next fight – in July he will fight Dominican Javier Fortuna: “What did Davis shout to me after the fight? Same. You are next. Nothing else. Oh, I’m screwed up! I once honestly admitted in one interview that if our fight ever takes place, it will be in the near future. Looks like I was right. Looks like it will happen even faster than I thought. I think we can fight already in December, after I beat Fortuna. This is going to be the greatest PPV fight available today.”

“I need a fight with Gervonta to get my share of well-deserved recognition and respect. After all, after I beat him, no one will be able to say something bad in my direction. I heard Leonard Ellerbee say that I’m actually afraid of the Tank. To be honest, I think it was extremely disrespectful of him. I saw it and I told him the same day, “Dude, no one and nothing will stop me from doing this fight. Not even you. golden boy Promotions (GBP) or someone else”. My words, by the way, were distorted. Like, I said that GBP can go f*ck. No, I actually said I don’t give a fuck if they try to talk me out of it,” Garcia claims.

Ryan turned on. Apparently he knows that GBP Oscar De La Hoya is really against this fight: “Fuck! I still come to GBP and I will demand to make me a fight with Gervonta. And I don’t care if they suddenly say that it’s better to do it a little later. I don’t care what they think. Because I want to fight him right after Fortuna!”

Garcia also talked about the “mind games” of Kambosos in the run-up to the fight with Haney. Earlier, the WBC canceled his eliminator against Cruz. The reason will amuse you.

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