Garcia and Davis almost got into a fight in a nightclub. How it was: versions of the parties


Popular American lightweights Gervonta Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) and Ryan Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) are negotiating a face-to-face fight, which is tentatively scheduled for December 2022.

The other day, the fighters accidentally crossed paths in a nightclub. WBA World Champion Davis bullied a bit – he grabbed the “eternal challenger” Garcia by the chain. There was no fight. Both are slightly different
comment what happened.

Davis: “Al Haymon advised me to leave him alone. He says this: “He will now run to cry to his lawyer. Do you need this?” Al chuckled a little. I wondered if they might be using this as an excuse not to fight.”

Garcia: “It’s true, we crossed paths at the club. He was sitting there, all nondescript in his sweatshirt. I went to his table, I told him, “Yo, dude, so what? Shall we fight?” For some reason he tensed up. And I’m like, “Yo, what’s up? Do you think that’s a sign of disrespect?” And he’s like, “Yeah, that’s disrespectful.” And grabs me by the chain. Well, he’s kind of cool. No, I’m not stressed at all. There are a lot of guards there. What will he do to me? So I say to him: “Oh, like this?” And he’s like, “Yes, that’s right!” And release the chain.

I also said something to him, but I won’t repeat it online. He knows what I told him. He heard me well. Want to look cool outside of the ring? Go * but a question. But in the ring it’s different. I’m not trying to be cool. Except when it’s needed.”

This fight may still not take place, because Davis faces a prison term. Meanwhile, Mayweather’s trainer said: Ryan Garcia has no chance against Tank.