Gable Steveson names Brock Lesnar as ‘dream matchup’ in WWE


Gable Steveson already has his sights set on one of the biggest names in professional wrestling history.

Following his second NCAA championship victory this past Saturday, Steveson appeared on The MMA Hour to gently call out his fellow University of Minnesota wrestling legend as he prepares to embark on his own career with the WWE. Steveson, currently on an NIL deal with the company, is expected to become a full-time member of the WWE roster in April.

Steveson was asked who he’d most like to someday step into the squared circle with, and not only did he name Brock Lesnar, but he poked some fun at him as well.

“A dream matchup that I’ve been wanting for a long time, obviously Brock Lesnar,” Steveson said. “Brock is a Minnesota great, a one-time national champ, two-time finalist. He lost to Stephen Neal in, I think, 2000 or something like that. Just, Brock Lesnar is the match I want. Obviously, he probably knows that and he’s getting ready for that too. So when that time comes, it’s gonna be a great time. It’s gonna sell bigger than probably him and Roman Reigns.

“But Brock don’t have two national titles, he don’t have Olympic gold, so my stats right now at this age — if we put him him at 21 and me at 21, my stats are maybe just a little better, besides him being a physical specimen and being on an NFL team. Who knows? That time’s gonna come, and when that time comes, we’re gonna welcome it with open arms.”

Lesnar is currently set to headline the second night of WrestleMania 38 opposite Reigns this weekend. The appearance marks Lesnar’s return to the WWE’s annual marquee event after missing out on last year’s show.

Steveson has said previously that his goal is to follow in Lesnar’s footsteps. Lesnar is one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling history and he parlayed that notoriety into a UFC run that saw him capture the promotion’s heavyweight title.

Unsurprisingly, given their longtime connection, Lesnar was quick to reach out to Steveson following his second NCAA tournament win.

“He was one of the first,” Steveson said. “Immediately, he was one of the first, he said, ‘Great job.’ Congratulated me on my good interview too. He said I had a really good interview, which I was proud to hear.”

Steveson said Lesnar’s gesture is more indicative of his real-life persona than what fans may have seen from the gruff heavyweight over the years. In the lead-up to WrestleMania 38, Lesnar has played up more of a “babyface” side, and according to Steveson, that aspect of Lesnar’s personality is genuine.

“I love every second of it,” Steveson said. “He’s bringing a new personality to the world that nobody has seen. If you know Brock behind the scenes, you know he’s always a cool dude, he’s funny, he talks so much, but that in-person TV persona has been a lot different lately, and I think it’s cool for people to see that’s how he really is and he’s putting it out to the world to show.”