Fury’s plan for the end of the week is to beat Bamba and slap Paul in the ringside


As we previously reported, celebrity influencer-content-maker-boxer Jake Paul will be visiting Dubai this week to attend the fight show on November 13, the main event of which will be an exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Deji.

However, Paul is not interested in the main event at all, but in one of the undercard fights, in which the British light heavyweight Tommy Fury (7-0, 4 KOs) will meet with the American Paul Bamba.

Recall that Jake had to fight Tommy twice already, however, in November last year, and in August of this year, Fury was withdrawn from fights due to injury and failure to obtain an American visa, respectively.

Now Paul, who defeated MMA legend Anderson Silva in a boxing match on October 29, says he will be ready to step into the ring and fight Bamba if Tommy “merges” again.

In this regard, the media could not help but ask Fury what he thinks of Jake’s visit.

“I don’t really care who will be there. Even if there are a million jakes of the floor sitting in the ringside, all my attention is directed only to Paul Bamba and getting him out of his way. And then I will jump out of the ring into the ringside and slap (Paul) in the face, ”the Briton threatens.

“Long story short, I don’t really care about Jake Paul or KSI or whatever, because it’s a pack of boys against a bunch of men, that’s what it is,” Tommy explained in a very accessible way.

And yet Fury is no different when asked about Paul again:

“I’m not interested in all this shit that people keep saying. I’ve been hearing Jake Paul this, Jake Paul that for two years now. If we’re not in the ring, I don’t give a fuck! Every day I get asked, “When are you going to fight Jake?” Don’t care. For now, no problem.”

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160009-plan-fyuri-pobit-bambu-shlyepnut-pola.htm?rand=141343