Fury’s father turned to Usyk


The father of WBC heavyweight champion John Fury urged WBO, IBF and WBA belt holder Oleksandr Usyk to “stop running away” and still meet Tyson Fury. According to the padre, none of them have anything more to achieve in the category, and it’s time to fill each other’s faces.

The couple discussed a meeting on December 17 in Saudi Arabia, but Usyk said that until the beginning of 2023 it is better not to disturb him. When asked if Fury vs Usyk would take place next year, John replied verbosely.

“Well, what else is left? I know he wants to fight Canelo and all that… He was a middleweight, super middleweight and now he’s in the heavyweight,” he said.
ID Boxing. Does he want to fight a big guy? Fight the “Gypsy King”! You will have all the time in the world – rest, do whatever you want, have a couple of warm-up fights… But you need to fight the “Gypsy King”, Mr. Usyk, think about it. Because you will fly like plywood over Paris.

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According to the father of the WBC champion, Tyson will “roll over you and beat you.”

“My friend, here without a shadow of a doubt. He will do the same thing in one evening with your friend AJ. If I’m wrong, prove me wrong. Nobody has succeeded yet. And it won’t work. Usyk can run, but he can’t hide. You can’t run forever. He wants to earn a couple of dollars before he meets Tyson, because he knows that after that it will be all over for him. That’s why he’s going to fight Canelo. Good luck to him,” John scoffs.

“Kids can’t beat the Gypsy King,” he summed up weightily.

And generally speaking. In early October, Usyk went to the front. And yesterday his manager, former (?) Soviet citizen Egis Klimas, said he had returned from the front.

But not Usyk alone. Yesterday, John amazed everyone by insuring his testicles for £10 million (his own). Why did he do it?