Fury’s father recorded a brutal appeal to Jake Paul – video


British light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury (8-0, 4 KOs), the younger brother of the WBC world champion in heavyweight, on February 26 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) will defeat YouTuber-boxer Jake Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) by knockout. Such threats were recorded against the American by Tommy’s father.

“Video for Jake Paul and company. Jake! You think that Tommy will not show up, but you will be terribly disappointed and mistaken, because we will be there, 1000000%, said John Fury. We can’t wait for the fight. There’s no chance in the whole world that it won’t. So if in your childhood dreams you hope that we won’t come, you are fucking wrong.”

“Be prepared, my friend, to be carried out of the ring on a stretcher. You don’t stand a chance, not even remotely. Not even a puncher’s chance,” promised the father of the Fury brothers.

John also stated that Jake’s knockout victory over Anderson Silva in the last fight was a set up: “I’ve rewatched it a few times. You missed that punch and he went down and they counted him out.”

Paul big favorite but could lose to Fury – Hearn

“But now you will have a real fight with a man who can tumble with any hand. So my advice to you is to keep your hands up,” Father Fury turned to the American.

The fight between Paul and Silva in the fall of 2022 turned out to be viscous and unspectacular: Jake’s punches were much harder, but Anderson worked more efficiently. It was a little more fun in the final rounds. The veteran decided that he could not win on points and went ahead: it ended with a knockdown. It’s a shame, because the fight was very competitive.

Recently Tyson Fury “threatened” his brother due to a possible loss to Jake. Even earlier, the WBA began to drill the bottom, giving Paul a world championship belt.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/162359-otets-fyuri-zapisal-brutalnoe-obrashchenie-k-dzheyku-polu-video.htm?rand=141343