Fury’s father comes to his son’s defense in interview scandal


WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury did the right thing by scolding an interviewer for questioning veteran Derek Chisora ​​as his next opponent. So says the father of the champion John Fury.

“I think Tyson was absolutely right in what he said,” his father said. – He [ведущий] pounced on him, was… what’s the word? Was unpleasant.”

Tyson, he recalled, was offended because the interviewer (like many) did not like the choice of the opponent on December 3 – Fury will go up against the age gatekeeper, whom he confidently defeated twice even in his best years.

And the boxer said the following to the host: “As for me, you are just some kind of jerk, a small drunk, a bald and bearded masturbator. Kiss my balls, you little nerd. Shit, suck the fuck up!”

“Why not say that Chisora ​​is a good fighter? Yes, he lost a few fights, but look who. And these were all competitive battles in which it was possible to give victory to both one and the other. The few times he lost, I thought Derek won. So he’s as good as anyone else. And he had the courage to take the fight and go out, so he deserves his fee, doesn’t he? So all these dudes can record their podcasts and gobble whatever they want, ”said Tyson’s father.

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