Fury, you’re screwed! Shut your mouth and calm down – British columnist


British columnist Simon Jordan continued to smash the WBC heavyweight champion compatriot Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs). But this time, not only he got it, but also the failed rival Briton Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs).

“I think Tyson should shut up and calm down,”
He speaks expert. “You know, he’s been a bit tired lately. I don’t like a lot of what he said. I understand that he is a world champion. That this partly explains his arrogance and self-confidence. But on Saturday, he went too far when he took the attention he deserved from Joe Joyce and Joseph Parker.

The British expert sold out in earnest – fury and colleagues got it hard

Jordan does not blame Fury for the breakdown in negotiations with Joshua, hinting at a third party: “I believe that Fury still has the right to push the applicant team a little if he thinks that they are studying the contract for too long. And in general, if I were Joshua’s team, if they really want to fight, I would study the document very quickly and immediately return it with my edits and suggestions. Maybe even added in capital letters: “We are very interested in the fight.” Two weeks is really a lot. And then I thought, don’t you think that the whole thing is in the TV broadcaster?

The expert believes that
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it was very profitable to disrupt the fight: “Judge for yourself, you recently signed a contract with Joshua and want to monetize the deal. And this is very difficult to do, because the signing fighter has two defeats in a row. And what, in this case, will you risk throwing him into a fight in which he can not only be beaten, but even knocked out? In a fight, after which he, perhaps, will completely end his career?

Jordan previously suggested that Fury was not planning to fight Joshua. The expert does not retract his words: “There are questions for both sides. Joshua’s team had to show their intentions. Return the contract to the deadline with your comments and wishes. Imagine that you are Fury’s promoter. You walk up to him and say: “Tyson, good f**king – we have a contract. We control everything.” Maybe after that he would really shut up. But I do not rule out that he never wanted to fight Joshua. That he’s quietly getting ready for a passerby with Manuel Charr. That he needs this passer just to keep himself in shape before the fight with Oleksandr Usyk for the title of the absolute. The fight, which will take place in March in Saudi Arabia. At stake which will be an incredible amount of dough.

The expert concluded: “I don’t believe that Fury and Joshua didn’t want to meet in a head-to-head fight. I think both wanted to. But the devil is in the details. And so I argue differently. I talk about what exactly prevents them from reaching an agreement. And I come to the conclusion that in Joshua’s team this fight could be considered an unjustified risk. However, as in the Fury team on the eve of the battle for the absolute with Usyk.

Meanwhile, ex-world champion puncher from the United States Deontay Wilder is not asleep: “I heard about Usyk’s situation …” Previously, he even told how Fury plans to beat the Ukrainian: “He is a cheater!”