Fury was going to the World Cup, and Chisora’s critics are advised to “suck”


Reigning WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23) has advised critics “suck my dick” several times in interviews with MMAFighting and BT Sports. One of the cases was due to the fact that the upcoming third fight against veteran Derek Chisora ​​(whom he easily beat twice) was hated by everyone and sundry.

The Brit is a bit annoying.

Stop running into Chisora, says the champion.

“Every time I watch him fight, I’m like, ‘Wow, kamon!’ All my children are fans of Chisora, they grew up watching his fights,” said Tyson. How many times have critics fought for the title? How many times were they punched in the face? This is my question for them. I think that all those people who criticize can
suck a big fat d*ck“.

Shelestyuk: “Fury is stronger than Usyk psychologically”

According to Fury, if England wins [29 ноября в матче с Уэльсом], he will definitely go to Qatar. The fight against Chisora ​​is scheduled for the evening of December 3rd.

“For the sake of the match in the group I will not go, but if they reach the semi-finals or finals, then I will go to Qatar. It would be great after so many years to win the winter world championship, ”summed up the Briton.

It’s funny, but even Tyson’s “enemy” promoter Eddie Hearn believes in Chisora’s chances against Fury. The head of Matchroom Boxing also revealed what kind of heavyweight fight he “really wants” to do in 2023.