Fury wants 20 fights around the world with local men in 2023


WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs), who will enter the ring on December 3 against an old acquaintance (and Chisora’s victory will be the greatest upset in heavyweight history, their compatriot believes), wants to arrange an unprecedented. What? Read below.

“I would like to have 12 fights next year, such a “bam-bam-bam” campaign around the world,” the champion was taken aback in the comment
Sky Sports. – After the fight with Chisora, I’ll talk to [промоутером] Frank Warren, let’s see what can be done in terms of such “tours”.

“Just go to random places and fight someone there. Travel to India! To China! Australia! Indonesia! To Africa! And fight with the locals there. Like – oh, there you have a heavyweight, let’s fight! Let’s give them a chance to take the world championship, as Rocky and Appolo did, ”he cholericly waves his arms.

Fury – “anyone can knock me out”

How Fury is going to give title chances to locals who are not in the top 15 rankings is unclear.

And in general, says the Briton, “before, people fought 30 times a year, and today – once or twice.”

“So this is a challenge for Frank and Bob Arum: how about we have 15-20 fights next year, damn it?” Tyson increased the number of desired fights.

You shouldn’t be surprised. The Brit says he is anything but a normal person.

Some fans did not appreciate Fury’s zeal:


— Chris Jarrett (@Jarrett242) November 29, 2022