Fury turned to an expert – he wants to buy a football club


WBC heavyweight champion Briton Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) claims that he was offered to buy out the football club. No it’s not legendary Manchester Unitedfor which he is rooting. We are talking about a club from the champion’s hometown – Morecambe FCwhich plays in the first league of the championship of England (two more divisions are higher – the championship and the premier league).

Fury knew who to turn to, because one of the most popular boxing experts in Britain is Simon Jordan – businessman who formerly owned a Premier League club Crystal Palace (London).

They had a short but entertaining conversation.

Fury: Quick question. I’m thinking of buying Morecambe FC. They are now playing in the first league. So I thought to invest in them X million …

Jordan (interrupts): …by “invest” you mean “gift them”? “Invest” is the wrong word here…

Fury: Yes, actually give them a gift so they can climb higher. I was offered to buy the club. Although, in truth, I already own all the training facilities there and even the gym. So who knows… Maybe you’re talking to the future owner of the football club.

Jordan: Do you know how to earn a few thousand in the football business?

Fury: I guess… For this you need to invest millions first. I think it’s about the same as a promoter in boxing.

Fury vs Chisora ​​III was officially announced yesterday. The champion stated: “There are no more goals for me in boxing.” And the challenger promises: “I will knock out Fury,” and then spoke about Tyson’s “sneaky” in their first fight.