Fury told how White shocked him with a confession during the fight – and how he knocked out his tooth


WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KO’s) has revealed in his new autobiographical book, No Gloves, how his latest contender, Dillian “The Body Snatcher” White, admitted in the fight that he was unwell from favorite bodypunch. Recall that in April of this year, Dillian was beaten in the 6th round, but not with blows to the body, but with an uppercut to the beard.

“In a fight like this, timing is everything. Although the enemy was clearly vulnerable, there was no point in me playing in public or playing with him like a cat with a mouse. The priority was to get the job done without delay. But for this it was necessary to break in a clear time. In the fifth round, I hit him with a left hook to the body, which broke him, ”recalls Fury.

writes The Mirror, where the book was read, Tyson further wrote: “He was in pain. I saw it because his hands dropped immediately. “I just hit the Body Snatcher with a left hook to the body,” I told him. “What hurts?” I added. White grimaced with a cap in his mouth: “Ta yes.” I couldn’t believe what I heard. He admitted it! “In that case, you’ll get some more,” Fury said, and it is not known whether he added this for the sake of hanging or actually said to White in battle.

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Tyson also vividly describes the knockout punch.

“… Then a sledgehammer flew to his right, an uppercut. The blow was so powerful that one of White’s teeth was completely knocked out. Anyone who watched the fight on TV would see in slow motion a small white spot soaring into the air after the impact, ”the champion described the final episode.

On December 3, Fury should again enter the ring and box with a compatriot – Derek Chisora ​​will try to beat Tyson on the third attempt.

Meanwhile, Fury said that he and Joshua simply have to fight.