Fury throwing. Promoter Warren explains Tyson’s mysterious fickleness


Promoter Frank Warrenqueensberry promotions) had to speak and explain the not very consistent behavior of his fighter, WBC British heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs). He offered to fight in early December to compatriot Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs), but does not allow teams to conduct full-fledged negotiations with constant deadlines and negotiations with other fighters.

Promoter Joshua Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) criticized Fury’s actions. This time Warren didn’t
supported: “Hearn is right about only one thing. He did have a couple of positive discussions with (Frank’s son) George. But that’s where it all came to a halt. We initially had a condition – the deal must be closed within 36 hours. They held the contract for 9 days and did not deign to answer. They promised to send it back yesterday with all the edits and suggestions. We waited until 11 pm, but nothing came.”

Warren explains Fury’s throwing very simply: “I understand that delays happen. And I’m trying to convey this to Tyson. But the limit of patience is not only for him, but also for me, you understand? How do you want him to react to what is happening? He is training, he has a fight on December 3, there is not much time. He, damn it, wants to understand who he has to go into the ring with. This issue should have been closed long ago. I can understand if they are having contract delays. But why not call and report it then? George called them several times, but they never called back … “

Warren confirmed that he had previously quarreled with Fury over whether Joshua would accept the fight: “Yeah, I lost. But the worst thing is that I still don’t understand what’s going on? Anthony says he wants to fight Tyson. So what’s the deal? I don’t understand this…”

Yesterday, Hearn talked about the current heavyweight elite: Usyk is already in the Hall of Fame, but not Fury, Joshua, and even more so Wilder.