Fury shouted insulting Chisora, who sent neighbors and Tottenham – video


Heavyweight gatekeeper Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KO’s) couldn’t help throwing an English football club at Tottenham Hotspur’s home arena. His fight on December 3 with WBC champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) will take place here, at the stadium in Tottenham.

“Good morning my neighbors! Yes, yes, you go f*ck too! Tottenham sucks! ”London resident Chisora ​​shouted his signature phrase from one of the stands, enriching it with Tottenham, and then posted this episode on Twitter.

Good morning my neighbours. Tottenham suck #FuryChisora pic.twitter.com/oWKkGYdu63

— Derek Chisora ​​(@DerekWarChisora) October 20, 2022

After the press conference, Derek, when giving an interview, was a little behind the champion standing at a distance, but he did not remain in debt. At some point, when Chisora ​​answered something into the microphone, Fury approached him from behind, leaned over and shouted in his ear: “Chisora, you suck! Full!”


@Tyson_Fury crashes our interview pic.twitter.com/h1iArejUtx

— Boxing on BT Sport (@BTSportBoxing) October 20, 2022

Today they saw each other in a duel of looks. Everything went peacefully, unlike the other case. But Chisora ​​promised to knock out Fury.

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