Fury said that Chisora ​​beat Usyk. Derek reacted strangely to this – video


Former world heavyweight title contender Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KOs) reacted strangely to the fact that compatriot Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) said yesterday that the veteran allegedly defeated ex-absolute cruiserweight Alexander Usyk a couple of years ago, but the judges allegedly robbed him.

In that meeting, we recall, Chisora ​​gave a good fight to the Ukrainian, but in the end lost to him unanimously – 112-117 and twice 113-115.

On December 3, Chisora ​​will enter the third fight against Fury (he has already lost to him twice and will probably fly in again). On this occasion, the journalist
iFL TV couldn’t help but ask him what he thought of Tyson’s opinion.

Chisora ​​on Klitschko and Fury

Chisora ​​doesn’t think about him.

“Of course I [Усика] beat. I sent him down, but the account was not opened. I beat him. Sent to the knockdown. What’s the question all about,” Derek replied, somewhat annoyed.

Then he began to take offense at the behind the scenes in boxing, grunted disappointedly and said something that “in this game you will be fucked … There is nothing to win.”

Rewind to 06:53:

The Ukrainian is absolutely not against a rematch with Derek: if he beats Fury and they end up fighting for the absolute.