Fury reveals how many rounds he’ll take Paul in February


As we reported earlier, American Jake Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) is ready to make another attempt to fight against Briton Tommy Fury (8-0, 4 KOs), after their fights have already failed twice due to the fault of the opponent.

Now the boxers are heading for February 2023 and are going to fight in England.

Tommy, who previously withdrew from fights due to injury and the inability to obtain an American visa, is confident that everything will work out.

“This time I have no doubt that our fight will take place. In any case, if everything breaks down again, it’s definitely not my fault,” Fury assured. “I want this fight more than anything else, because for me this is a chance to send to hell with everything that I hear the last two years. And I have to do it, because at the end of the day this dude is far from my level, he is not in my league – he is just a YouTuber who fights, that’s what he is. And I am a real fighter, a native of a fighting family. I have an ambition to win world titles.”

Tommy is confident that this event is guaranteed to generate great interest in the UK and, accordingly, collect an impressive box office:

“There is a feeling that our fight is a story about (stadium) “Wembley”. I think we will be able to gather an 80,000th audience in the stands without any problems. Ask anyone on the streets of London if they want to see Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight live and the answer is yes. I have no doubt that this is a huge PPV fight.”

As for the result, here Fury, of course, everything is predetermined.

“This fight won’t go all the way. No chance at all, because I just won’t let it happen. I’m not going into the ring just to outbox Jake Paul. I’ll go out there and try to knock his head off with every punch. I don’t see it going on for more than 4 rounds.”

Meanwhile, Jake Paul has another challenge, this time from a former UFC title contender.

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