Fury on Usyk fight: ‘I have more belts than he has pants’


WBC heavyweight champion Briton Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) will make a mismatch defense of his title on Saturday against compatriot Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KOs), whom he has already defeated twice.

Tyson Fury – Derek Chisora: forecast and bets for the fight on December 3

And at the beginning of next year, Fury plans to meet with the owner of all other belts of the division Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) in the battle for the title of absolute heavyweight champion.

Fury decided just in case
remind: “I have been in profibox for 14 years. And I still have zero losses. All your talk about Usyk… Do you even understand that I already have everything he needs? He wants exactly the same as everyone else. They all want what this big British guy has – immortality. Usyk?.. I have more knockouts than he has fights. I have more belts than he has pants in his closet. I have more main event appearances than he has socks.”

“It’s clear that they are all interested in fighting me,” says Fury. “But the head boar, the leader of the pack of hungry dogs, the king and the emperor are not interested in ordinary peasants. It’s up to me to decide which of them to invite to the festive table. I can invite, but whether they accept the invitation or not – that’s up to them. The same Chisora ​​has absolutely nothing that could interest me. Back in 2011, I deprived him of his virginity – I took away the zero in the graph of defeats. In 2014 I gave him a good spanking. And this Saturday, I will whip him just as hard.”

“It’s not just about Chisore. None of them have anything that could interest me. No one has anything that I could say: “I want to take it away from you.” I don’t need any of what they have. They are all ordinary bums to me. Homeless people who will be knocked out, ”Fury concluded his speech.

Yesterday, Lennox Lewis talked about Chisora’s chances and the Usyk-Fury fight. And just the other day, the WBC heavyweight champion shared a sensational confession: he will no longer masturbate.

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