Fury: Joshua was really ready to accept my challenge, but then he changed his mind


WBC heavyweight champion Briton Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) is sure that his compatriot-antagonist Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) was really ready to accept the challenge and meet in a head-to-head fight in December, but changed his mind later.

In the meantime, Fury will hold a moderate intermediate fight – his third fight with Chisora ​​is officially announced, Dubois and Lerena will fight on the undercard. There are even comments from promoters and the champion’s confession: “There are no more goals for me in boxing.”

And Fury again
remembered on his never-before-fight with Joshua: “You know, when I first recorded a video of him and offered him a fight, he was immediately like: “Yeah, dude! I’m in!” I think over the next 7 days he changed his mind. And his team didn’t want that either. If he really wanted to fight, he would be standing right next to me instead of Derek. The whole truth is that I am the coolest promoter in boxing. No one is even close to me is not a competitor. Definitely not a matter of deadlines. The whole point is that in my team I make the decision. The rest work for me. You can’t make a fight with someone who doesn’t want to fight. Trust me, you couldn’t drag Joshua here even with a tractor.”

Fury claims that he really argued with his promoter for money: “This is no fiction. I was just so sure that he would not sign the contract. And he didn’t sign. And I’m not going to wait forever for him. I’m not going to wait for the one tossed the bone. He’s not the champion. It wasn’t him who threw the bone at me. Why didn’t he take the fight? I told you before, the dude has no balls. This is the only reason. After all, if you are a responsible man, if you are the boss in your team, then everything is simple – you give an order to make a fight, and they will do everything. And if you don’t want to, you’ll find a million excuses.”

Fury explained the choice in favor of Chisora: “Because we have not just a fight. We have a trilogy. You know, Derek and Anthony have the same team – 258 management. And it wasn’t easy for them. I can imagine how difficult it would be if Derek was replaced by Joshua, their “golden boy”. However, all this is no longer important … I’m not fighting with him, but with Derek.

Is it true that Fury cheated? Chisora ​​spoke about Tyson’s “trick” in their first fight. At a press conference, the champion shouted insulting Derek, who sent the neighbors and Tottenham. Do you think a Fury-Joshua fight is still possible? Tyson’s honest answer.