“Fury is way better than Usyk in every way.” Opinion from British legend


British boxing legend Ricky Hatton believes that in the fight for the title of absolute heavyweight champion between Tyson Fury and Alexander Usik, the latter will have little chance, except for defeat. No, says the Briton, the Ukrainian should not be considered a complete outsider, but…

“You can’t discount Usyk, the gold medalist of the Olympic Games, the world heavyweight and heavyweight champion. He’s obviously talented enough and with the style to beat Tyson,” Ricky said, but then caught himself, “I don’t personally think so, though. I think Tyson is extremely versatile and much better at everything.”

In what “in everything”, the Briton described further.

“He can fight southpaws, orthodoxies, he can lean, fight short, he has great defense, hand speed, he switches stances. He has speed, mobility and boxing prowess. Full set. He has everything that Usyk has, and maybe even a little more. He’s bigger and taller and has a lot of reach. For these reasons, it is very difficult to see anything other than a Tyson victory,” Hatton said.

Usyk wants 50 vs 50, but it’s not fair to fight Fury at Wembley – Arum

“But put your hand on your heart and say: “Usyk has no chance.” I don’t think we could say that. But Tyson is the favorite here, huh?” the veteran summed up.

The day before yesterday, Chisora ​​funny compared Fury and Usyk’s striking power, and Usyk continued the Belly series with Tyson’s trolling.