“Fury is not as cool as he says.” Interview with Oleksandr Usyk


The holder of three prestigious heavyweight titles (over 90.7 kg), the former absolute heavyweight champion (up to 90.7 kg), Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) gave
interview for the American journalist Radio Rahim.

Alexander, whose speech was translated by promoter Alexander Krasyuk, spoke about his recent charity evening in the USA, spoke about the impossibility of holding a fight for the title of absolute champion against British title holders Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) before the end of 2022, spoke about desire to fight former US champion Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) and answered a question about mental health.

Tell us why you are in Los Angeles and tell us about your recent event.

— Yes, on October 20 we held an event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which was organized by my manager Egis Klimas together with designer Amir. The main purpose of this dinner was to raise money for my fund to help Ukraine.

— You are the pride of Ukrainians. This role means something special, because you represent the whole nation, people look at you as a hero?

“I don’t worry too much about it, because I do what I feel in my heart. Every day I pray to God and thank God for all the difficulties that he sends in my life. It is necessary to carry this glory, perhaps popularity with dignity. Do what needs to be done is my slogan. Sometimes I don’t like being recognized.

— This is your third The Ring magazine belt. Tyson Fury left the title vacant with the intention of winning it back from you. Can you explain to us why the Tyson Fury fight won’t happen this year. Tyson gave a few excuses for you and you didn’t say why this fight won’t happen in 2022.

– Initially, the rematch with Joshua was planned in July, then it shifted by a month and we had to move the next fight, which we planned in December. Since the fight with Joshua took place on August 20, the second fight also had to be moved. I need to restore my body, my resources, like an ordinary person, in order to return to the ring in the necessary form. In fact, this was the only reason why the fight will not take place this year. As for Tyson Fury, he is a very good athlete, whom I respect, but he is not as cool as he claims to be.

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I want to clarify one more thing. We have a plan to fight Tyson Fury and that is our biggest priority right now. Therefore, with God’s help, the fight will take place if he defeats his opponent, who is now Derek Chisora. When I was asked in an interview who would be another fighter I could fight, I mentioned Deontay Wilder. And now a lot of people are trying to say that I have confirmed that Wilder will be my next opponent. No that’s not true. My next opponent is Tyson Fury, I’m confirming it now, but after I beat Tyson Fury, I can discuss the fight with Deontay. He is someone I would also like to fight.

We recently watched the Wilder fight and, as you said, he claims that you promised him a fight. Now it sounds like Fury will be first, and then Wilder. Is it important for you to become the undisputed heavyweight champion?

– Boxing for the title of absolute champion is very important, especially when you have such a chance, which is not presented very often. I say – Tyson, borracho (Spanish – drunkard, alcoholic), let’s do it [смеётся]! Let’s make a gift for boxing fans! Let’s fight and determine who is the best in the division, who is the best in the world!

“We recently saw a lot of fighters talking about their mental health. We saw Joshua’s speech after your fight, we saw Wilder crying after the fight, we know that Tyson Fury had a mental breakdown when he won the titles you hold now. You are now in a position that you say you don’t like very much. You are a global star – this is a complete life-changer and you are in a combat sport, of which head injuries are a part. How are you managing your mental health? And what is your view on other fighters who have problems with this?

— God helps me. Jesus. You know? You don’t have to be cool. You just have to be a normal person.

What helps you stay normal in such a chaotic and unusual life?

“My life, the people around me, my family, my kids, my friends, my team, the community around me, they help me stay normal. I want to develop. I read literature, I watch historical films, I try to be involved in what is happening in the world, I try to read, to analyze. I don’t go too deep so as not to upset myself, but I just read, analyze and remain a normal person. Because I want to do good things for the world and the people around me. I don’t want to be bad. I want to remain a very positive person. He who exalts himself will be down to earth. Who, on the contrary, behaves modestly, the Lord rewards him.

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