Fury: “I’m worn out like an old jalopy with 400,000 miles on it”


WBC heavyweight champion Briton Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) opened up on the show
Chatterbox on the TV channel BT Sport.

The fighter claims that all these years spent in the ring seriously affect his well-being and physical form: “I feel like an old jalopy. I am like Ford Escort with a mileage of 400 thousand km. Every part of me, every detail literally crumbles: joints, knees, elbows, back. I already have a very solid mileage. Now just imagine what it takes in my condition to continue to do all this, not paying attention to this wild pain. Now I often remember the words from movie “Rocky”: “It doesn’t matter how much damage you can inflict on your opponents. What matters is how much damage you can take on yourself while continuing to move forward.”

In December, Fury will hold a moderate interim title defense against compatriot Derek Chisora, whom he previously effortlessly defeated twice. Underdog, by the way, also believes that when they met in the ring for the last time (and this was back in 2014), Fury was much better: “I think that then he was at his peak. He was in shape. He was damn good…”

Meanwhile, the British boxing legend thinks a trilogy with Wilder and Klitschko is good, but Fury needs Usyk.