Fury: “I’m an improved version of Usyk”


WBC belt holder British heavyweight Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) explained why the champion in all other versions of Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) has no chance in a fight with him.

“It’s simple! —
Fury says. – I can do everything that Usyk can do. But at the same time I am more. I am an improved version of Usyk, because I also have the power of a puncher. He considers himself a cunning little motherfucker. Like, look at me. I box cool, I move cool. But I’ve been a great boxer and a cool mover my whole career. It’s just that now I don’t want to play with all these assholes, but cut them to hell. I have never seen a fighter faster than me. Not in combat, not in sparring.”

“Usyk is not faster than me,” Fury says. Everyone thinks he’s faster because he’s a middleweight. But one thing is a middleweight in his native weight, and quite another when he puts on an extra 30 kg. Believe me, this will definitely not benefit its speed qualities. Why, you ask, will I beat him? Because Tyson Fury is a 206 cm and 125 kg fighting machine that never gets tired of throwing punches. Watch Usyk’s second fight with Anthony Joshua. Everyone knows Joshua doesn’t take a punch. But in the second fight, Usyk didn’t even shake him once.”

“Look at his fight with Derek Chisora,” Fury said. – This is a broken and middle-aged journiman. But how many problems he created Usyk! Chisora ​​has 12 losses. Including several defeats in a row. But what a felling he rolled up for him! Lost on thin, 5-7 rounds. Two rounds and Usyk would have lost to the old traveler. And his fight with little Mairis Bredis? He almost beat Usyk, although he didn’t do anything special, he just boxed aggressively. Usyk would have beaten Michael Hunter if he hadn’t run out of steam after the opening rounds. Stop thinking he’s an elusive, slippery left-hander. Look at his face after the fights.”

“Usyk is faster than me at middleweight. Maybe second middle or light heavyweight. But not in heavyweight, Fury is sure. “I am more powerful, my arms are twice as long, I am much taller and braver. Why braver? Courage is when you get back on your feet in the 12th round after being knocked out for a second. Courage is when you get back on your feet twice in the 4th round, only to finish off the motherfucker in the 11th. That’s courage. Usyk is a tough little fighter. And a tough big fighter will always beat a tough little fighter. Even Chazz Witherspoon, who was pulled from somewhere to fight Usyk, hit him and left marks on his face. The fact is Usyk will never be a big big fighter.”

During the same interview, Fury explained why he called Usyk a “shithole.” Believe it or not, the other day he talked about the fourth fight against Wilder.