Fury cheated? Chisora ​​spoke about Tyson’s ‘trick’ in their first fight


After the third fight of the reigning world heavyweight champion British Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) and his compatriot Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KOs) was officially announced, the latter decided to recall that in the first fight Fury turns out he cheated.

“Listen, there was a bit of cheating on his part in the first fight. I can’t talk about it now, but one day I will reveal the whole truth,” Derek darkens. “In the second fight he beat me honestly, but in the first fight he cheated a bit.”

What exactly was Tyson’s scam?

“In the first round of the first fight, he cut the glove and hit me in the eye with his thumb, still lifts the veil of Chisor’s secrets. – Watch the first round of the first fight. I couldn’t see properly because he cut his glove and hit me with his thumb.”

“Then I didn’t complain about it, I didn’t care. I never raised this issue, I didn’t have to, I don’t really care. The main thing is that everything is fair in the third fight, ”Derek pointed out.

Recall that in 2011, Fury beat Chisora ​​on points by unanimous decision, and the revenge in 2014 ended in favor of the current champion ahead of schedule, after Derek did not reach the 11th round.

The third fight between Fury and Chisora ​​is scheduled for December 3 in London (England), and this time the challenger promises to knock out Tyson.