Fury and Chisora ​​grappled in front of the camera lenses, cursed terribly


Popular British heavyweights Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) and Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KOs) clashed yesterday in Manchester (UK) after the end of the fight between divisional colleagues – local big man Joe Joyce (15-0, 14 KO) defeated ex-world champion New Zealander Joseph Parker (30-3, 21 KO).

Fury and Chisora ​​are ex-rivals (Tyson won twice) and ex-sidekick. They don’t seem to be getting along very well lately. Reigning WBC champion Fury even promised to punch Chisora ​​in the face at the meeting. They also agreed on a face-to-face fight, but Derek was not satisfied with the financial offer.

Chisora ​​(H): Well, here I am in Manchester. What’s next?
Fury (F): Derek, what’s the matter?

H: I am in Manchester. You said come to Manchester – we’ll have a bare-knuckle fight. And you said all sorts of shit. Here I am. What’s next?
F: So why didn’t you sign a contract to fight then?

H: Probably because you didn’t send me the contract!
F: You refused to fight for 2 million pounds…

H: Well then don’t send me messages. Then don’t promise a bare-knuckle fight…
F: Derek, no problem. I’m ready to fight you with bare fists. Anytime, anywhere. But the whole truth is that you were offered two million, but you turned it down.

H: You didn’t send me anything!
F: Contract? What about the meaning? You refused to fight for 2 million.

H: If you really fight with (my buddy) Anthony Joshua, he’ll kill you.
F: Heh! I will beat him in 6 rounds. Do you want me to give you more in between rounds? Bad business!

H: Doing the same thing that your buddy Parker just did to Joyce?
F: If I’m not mistaken, my buddy Parker beat you twice. And I beat you twice.

H: He just got knocked out!
F: Well? Does this speak in your favor? I beat you too.

H: So are you ready to fight? How much do you want for a fight? I’ll arrange it…
F: Derek, you can’t take my fees.

H: You will be surprised…
F: If Joshua is pissed off fighting me, then obviously I’ll fight you. And he’s pissed because he’s a pissing asshole. He already has a contract in hand. Consider me throwing him a bone.

Fury and Joshua are set to fight in December in Cardiff, Wales. Tyson gave Anthony until the end of the week. But Joshua suspected that Fury was preparing for another fight – Tyson’s brother also thinks so, he named the most likely next opponent.