“Fuck yu, nigaz.” Broner responded to the disruption of the fight – video


Former world champion in four divisions Adrien Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) is not knocked down by another comeback failure in the ring. Yesterday, as you already know,
Michael Williams Jr. (20-1, 13 KOs) due to a double fracture of the jaw in the training camp, he canceled his participation in the duel with the brawler on February 25 in Atlanta (USA).

A replacement for Williams was never found: the fight and the entire boxing evening were canceled.

Adrian tries not to worry about this and still went to the cross, from where he recorded a selfie video. The American said that he “fuck” because he is “a real nigga.”

“Over the past two years, I have lost everything: the woman I thought I would marry. I lost her, lost her with the baby, and all that stuff,” he said while jogging. – Then I thought that if you swell, it will solve the problem. It didn’t solve a damn thing. So I started to grind. And now I’m back.”

Half-naked Broner danced among men – video

Recall that the American has not performed since February 2021. At the beginning of winter, he shone with a huge belly.

Broner added that he would regain his lost positions, and told all the ill-wishers: “Fuck yu, niggas. Yes, all of you, niga. And I don’t have to call me, Bl ** nigas. ”

Initially, this character was supposed to enter the ring against Ivan Redkach on February 18, but he could not get to the fight due to disagreements with the promoter.

After that, Browner was found by 39-year-old veteran Henry Lundy, who was soon disqualified for irresponsibility: he already had a contract in his hands for a fight on February 4 against another guy.

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