“Fuck on the face of Fortune!” Ryan Garcia interview


Prospect of the light division (up to 61.2 kg) American Ryan Garcia (22-0, 18 KOs) talked to local media representatives about the fight with ex-featherweight champion from the Dominican Republic Javier Fortuna (37-3-1, 26 KOs), which is scheduled for July 16 in Los Angeles (USA) .

Also in the conversation, the American prospect spoke about the defeat of the Australian absolute champion George Kambosos (20-1, 10 KOs), as well as potential fights with the American Gervonta Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) and the new absolute champion from the USA Devin Haney (28- 0.15 KOs).

– Javier Fortuna said that if he sees you, then you will pee in your underpants and lay an egg.

— I f*ck him. I give a fuck on his face [смеётся]. It’s funny. Don’t know. If I see him, I’ll see how he is, estimate the size, that’s all.

– Dominican fighters always have an awkward style. They go out to fight. What do you see in it?

“I just see a dirty veteran with a lot of little tricks up his sleeve. He may try to butt heads and do other dirty things. I expect this because I don’t think he will compete with me in terms of punches. I just don’t think he can. But he can try to take me with brute force, make a dirty fight, try to thwart my plan so that I get emotional and just fight. That’s all.

This fight should have taken place a year ago. How much unfinished business is this for you and how different will the fight be now?

– Fortune tried to portray it in such a way that I avoid him. This is a shitty move on his part. I’ll just prove to him that there’s nothing scary about him. He can tell me that I’m scared and everything, but when I deliver the blow, we’ll see who will run away and who will fight. If you want to fight, we can fight, but I promise you – when I hit you, you will be the one who will be scared.

— What is your message to Javier Fortuna?

– Stay away from drugs, dude. [смеётся]. He is insane. You should have seen the things he writes to me. This is madness.

Do you answer them?

– No, I do not answer. He writes in both Spanish and English, calls me a coward, that, that. I fight you, am I a coward?

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– What is your opinion about the last weekend, the Kambosos vs. Haney fight?

“It wasn’t exactly the most spectacular fight, but I congratulated Devin on his victory. He did his things. I just didn’t see enough activity. It was necessary to distinguish yourself from the background of another, to show that he is the best. This is what I didn’t see.

“Tank Davis said he’d give you a hard time.

“Yeah, he said he was going to screw me, and I was like, ‘Why are you screaming my name when you have a fight ahead of you? He yelled that I was next. Why should I shut up when you say that? He can tell me to shut up or whatever, but he wants this fight.

Oscar said that all roads lead to you, but before that he wrote that Haney vs. Tank is the most exciting fight in boxing. What do you think of it as a boxing fan?

– Well, about this tweet, ask Oscar. I don’t know why he wrote it. I know for sure that I want a Tank next. This is what I have said in the past. I just want it. Why Oscar wrote that, I don’t know.

Mike Tyson posted a video today where he said he would like to see Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia fight. He said that you are a superstar, that you are an explosive fighter.

– Yes. I think that’s what Oscar meant when he wrote that all roads lead to me. Huge PPV duel will be with me and someone else. I guess I need Tank Davis to make a super megaboy, but my ego won’t admit it. I don’t care. I know Tank is a big fighter and so am I. I want this fight. This is a mega fight and I think whoever wins this fight will be the face of boxing.

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