From words to deeds: De La Hoya offers Davis millions for fight with Garcia


Legendary Oscar De La Hoya is torn between wanting to sell his promotion company Golden Boy Promotions or continue to work for the good of boxing. It turns out that he soon plans to offer “many, many, many millions of US dollars” to WBA World lightweight champion American Gervont Davis (28-0, 25 KOs) – if only he would take the fight with compatriot contender Ryan Garcia (22-0, 18 KOs).

“I’m going to make an offer to Gervonte for many, many, many million bucks for a fight in November with Garcia,”
says Oscar. – I believe that in fact his contract with Mayweather Promotions. I don’t know for sure who is currently promoting him, but I’m ready to offer to divide the prize fund equally in the fight with Garcia. ”

De La Hoya is trying to organize such a fight in parallel to
streaming DAZN
and Showtime: “The main thing is to agree. I don’t see any problem with the event being simultaneously broadcast on DAZN and Showtime PPV. I think this is the only way to make this fight a reality. Only by working together and agreeing to share the prize fund equally.”

It is possible that such an idea will not seem fair to Davis – he is one of the few active PPV fighters in the world, having spent the last four fights in a row on a paid broadcast. He’s also a three-weight division champion, and Garcia has never been a champion before.

Oscar also has a plan B – it is even more controversial: “We can agree that 10% will be automatically deducted from the fee of the fighters, which will then go to the winner. I think all this is very easy to organize. In any case, the fight against Garcia will be the biggest fee of Davis’ career. That is why I say that all paths lead to Garcia (as Oscar wrote on social networks after the end of the fight George Kambosos vs Devin Haney).

De La Hoya thinks it’s time for Gervonte to make a choice: “Davis can keep boxing for a few million. It’s huge money. But if he wants many, many, many millions, then there is only one option – this is a fight with Ryan. And to make this event a reality is possible only on the conditions that I have announced.

A little earlier, Garcia announced that he was in a hurry to go to war with Tank Davis: “I will not let me get in the way!” By the way, he did not like the fight between Kambosos and Haney for the title of absolute world champion. Says: “A sluggish fight.” And it also turns out that Garcia is not yap: he settled with Spence and told why they don’t like him.

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