Froch is unhappy with Joshua. There are immediately two reasons for this.


new member International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) Briton Carl Froch criticized compatriot heavyweight Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs).

Froch seems to be very
disappointed: “To be honest, I never really believed that the fight between Joshua and Tyson Fury would take place. I immediately thought that Anthony would not agree to accept Tyson’s offer, given that in the last 5 fights he has 3 losses in his liability. And I don’t see a chance for him either. To be honest, I don’t see anyone at all who could beat Fury. And Joshua is still not in the mood to go to such a fight. And I think he knows it too. For this reason, he is not eager to go against him in the ring. Unless they offer some fabulous fee … “

Froch is unhappy not only with the failed duel with Fury. He is infuriated by the talk that Joshua plans to have a rematch with compatriot Dillian Whyte in the second half of the year: “I understand everything, he wants to restart his career, reboot. But what about White? This is definitely not the fight that interests me. And what is the meaning of it? I’ve already seen it. No, I don’t care at all.”

Have you read how Froch reacted to getting into the IBHOF? He says: “I thought it was a swindler.” He also shared his opinion on the Usyk-Fury fight: he believes that everything is obvious here.