Francis Ngannou responds to Tyson Fury’s lunge

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, who is set to share the ring with Anthony Joshua as early as this weekend, responded sharply to his former rival Tyson Fury, who attempted to disrupt “The Predator’s” press conference in Riyadh by shouting from the audience.

“I really intend to get a lot of big wins like the fight against Tyson,” “The Predator” said. “I beat Tyson once, and I’m going to do it again. He keeps denying it, but it’s true. I’m going to wipe the ring with your ass again.”

“There was blood in the ring, and it came from your underwear. I told you that you only have a chance in the ring, in a fight under boxing rules. When you leave the ring, you better not come within five meters of me when you start talking all kinds of de**k.”

“If I lose my temper, you’re in for a very bad time, my friend. Respect the fact that the rules of boxing protect you. Without them, you’re nothing against me. I’d beat you every day, and twice on Sunday.”

Two days earlier, ‘Gypsy King’, who narrowly defeated Ngannou in a boxing match last October, said the former UFC champion should get on his knees and kiss his feet for making him a millionaire.

Recall that the fight between Francis Ngannou and Anthony Joshua will take place on March 8 in Saudi Arabia, and Tyson Fury will try to win the title of absolute world champion in boxing in heavyweight in a confrontation with Alexander Usik on May 18.